Our Snuff Varieties

Our Wilsons & Co. Sharrow snuffs fall into four main categories:

Category 1: The SP Varieties.

Best SP has been Wilsons' best-selling snuff for more than 250 years. Its basic aroma is one of the finest tobacco leaves, with just a hint of the various essential oils of Mediterranean citrus fruits.

SP 100 is very similar with a slight variation in the texture of grinding whilst Tom Buck is a stronger version of Best SP. Gold Label is a milder-flavoured variety.

Sharrow Snuffs in this category:

Best SP, Best Dark, Gold Label, SP100, Tom Buck (Extra Strong SP).

Category 2: Mentholated Snuffs.

SM (Sharrow Medicated) is flavoured with a pleasant balance of Menthol Crystals and Eucalyptus oil. SM 500, SM Blue and SM Gold are all variations on SM, the last two of which include the addition of Camphor.

Extra M. (formerly Extra Menthol or Extra Cool) has an even higher amount of menthol in the recipe; whilst the M. (formerly Menthol or Cool) variety is simply that, with no Eucalyptus. Super M. (formerly Super Cool or Super Menthol) combines strong Menthol flavours onto a citrus base, which is particularly popular.

Ani & Euc (formerly Aniseed and Eucalyptus) is simply that, while Ani Extra also uses the more complex citrus base. Crumbs of Comfort uses spearmint as one of its many ingredients.

Sharrow Snuffs in this category:

Ani Extra, Red M. (formerly Cherry Menthol or Red Cool), Crumbs of Comfort, Extra M., Bee M., M., M. Plus, SM (Sharrow Medicated), SM Blue, SM Gold, SM 500, Spear, Super M. & M. Root.

Category 3: Scented Snuffs.

Royal George has many different flavours, with Violet, Rose and Vanilla contributing to its very sweet aroma. Jockey Club is another popular sweet scented snuff.

Irish High T is a light brown version but very dry.

Sharrow Snuffs in this category:

Irish High T (22), Jockey Club, Royal George.

Category 4: Fruit, Spice and Flower Flavours.

Sharrow Snuffs in this category:

Ani & Euc, Apri, Grove, Rows of Sharrow & Wall.