About Wilsons & Co.

The Wilsons name is recognised for outstanding quality. From our base in Sheffield, we continue to produce many of the world’s most renowned snuffs.

The roots of our company stretch all the way back to the 1700s. Back then, Thomas was the first of the Wilson family to arrive at Sharrow Mills. Having initially rented the water wheel and buildings here for plate-making, the premises were first used to manufacture snuff around 1740.

Snuff subsequently became the sole focus of the activities here and seven generations have since followed Thomas in lovingly continuing its creation.

The Mills received an upgrade in 1897, when steam power was introduced. This helped cater for ever-increasing consumer demand.

Originally, Sharrow snuffs were sent out in barrels, boxes and pigs’ bladders. These days, our packaging is somewhat more befitting of the times!

The snuffs we manufacture here include famed in-house recipes, as well as blends we produce as a result of continuing the loving recipes of brands no longer in existence.

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