What is Snuff?

Nasal snuff is a fine ground, flavoured tobacco with three traditional ingredients: high grade tobacco, natural fragrances & water.

Snuff is a generic term for fine-ground, smokeless tobacco products. Originally, the term referred only to dry snuff - a fine tan dust popular in the eighteenth century. This is often called ‘Scotch Snuff’, a folk-etymology derivation of the scorching process used to dry the cured tobacco by the factory.

European (dry) snuff is intended to be sniffed up the nose. Snuff is not ‘snorted’ because snuff shouldn't get past the nose (into sinuses, throat or lungs). It is usually scented or 'flavoured'. These flavours range from floral, to mentholated (also called 'medicated'), to fruit and spice, either singly or in blends.

Apart from flavours, dry snuff also comes in a range of textures (very fine to coarse) and moistness (very dry, or ‘toast’ to very moist). Often, dryness correlates to fineness.

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