Dr. Rumney's

We bought the Dr. Rumney's brand from Imperial Tobacco in 2016 and have faithfully revived these classic snuffs using the original recipes.

Dr. Rumney's Green - Balancing mentholated notes with eucalyptus, camphor, bergamot, lavender, rose and aniseed, Dr. Rumney's Green offers distinctive flavour without being overpowering. Constructed using the original recipe, this fine ground snuff continues to prove popular with both new and seasoned snuff users.

Dr. Rumney's Blue -This is a medium ground coarse snuff made to the original recipe. A blend of tobaccos mixed with menthol, eucalyptus and camphor with a note of SP.

Dr. Rumney's Brown -This is a non-mentholated blend of tobaccos with a high nicotine content and has the popular flavour of a toast snuff.

All 3 of our Dr. Rumney's products can be found here.