How is Nasal Snuff Made?

Wilsons are still in the happy position of being able to make snuff in the traditional way. The following is a step-by-step guide to our manufacturing process.


Snuff is made from carefully selected blends of choice tobaccos. These often originate from Africa, where the leaf is particularly suited to the conditions.

Mature & Dry

After a number of maturing processes the leaf is dried.


In the old days, this was done using the power of the water wheel at Sharrow Mills; in oak mortars by iron pestles. Today, modern machinery is used to ensure consistently high standards are met.


Several stages of sieving follow to ensure the silky, even texture of the end product.

Natural Oils & Fragrances

In line with our recipes - which have traditionally been known only to two members of the Wilson family in each generation since 1737 – natural oils and fragrances are added in precise measures to delight the nose. These include Bergamotte, Attar of Roses, Jasmine and Sandalwood.


The blended snuff is subsequently matured to ensure permeation of the flavour and to allow the full development of each snuff’s character.

Package & Ship

The snuff is packaged into tins and is shipped to tobacconists, wholesalers and individuals around the globe to enjoy.

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