Friend Multi Slim

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The Friend Multi Slim cigarette holder lowers the tar and nicotine levels in your cigarettes, without reducing the flavour. It can also help prevent unsightly tobacco stains on fingers, whilst cooling the smoke for greater comfort.

The Friend Multi Slim holder is specially designed for slim and ultra slim cigarettes, including roll-ups.

How the Friend Slim cigarette holder works

Through a special adhesion chamber, the Friend Multi Slim cigarette holder reduces the amount of nicotine and tar smoked. Thanks to its slim size, it can be used with slim cigarettes, including roll-ups. Expect each filter to work for about 20 cigarettes. 

What’s in the box?

The Friend Multi Slim Cigarette Holder contains  you get one full length holder, as well as 6 extra disposable filters.

If you run out, Wilsons & Co also sells additional Friend cartridges in packs of 20 for just £1.75. 

What can the Friend Multi Slim cigarette holder be used with?

This product can be used with roll-ups and other slimmer cigarettes. It cannot be used with standard king size or super king-sized cigarettes.

What colours are available?

  • Black
  • Gold
  • Silver 

Made in Japan.