Friend Mini Cigarette Holder

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When used with a filter cartridge, the Friend Mini cigarette holder helps reduce the levels of tar and nicotine in a cigarette, without affecting the flavour. It can also help reduce fingertip staining associated with cigarettes.

The holder is lightweight thanks to its anodized aluminium body, and comfortable to use thanks to its smooth acrylic mouthpiece. It also comes in a range of colours.

How the Friend Mini Cigarette Holder works

When you smoke with a Friend Mini Cigarette Holder, the smoke goes into a special adhesion chamber, which traps some of the nicotine and tar. The resulting smoke then passes through a high polymer fibre, which helps reduce nicotine and tar content even further.

It is designed for use with standard sized cigarettes and each Filter Cartridge will last for approximately 15 - 20 cigarettes.

What’s in the box?

The Friend Mini Cigarette Holder set is supplied with one mini holder, which is 5cm long and already fitted with a Filter Cartridge. You also get 6 additional replacement Filter Cartridges.

What can the Friend Mini Cigarette Holder be used with?

This product can be used with any standard king size or super king cigarettes. They are not compatible with roll ups.

What colours are available?

  • Black
  • Brown
  • Gold
  • Silver

Made in Japan.