Friend Holder Mini Permanent

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The Friend Mini Permanent cigarette holder is a permanent cigarette filtering system that helps make smoke cleaner and cooler, reducing tar, nicotine and heat levels in the smoke for a more comfortable experience, without affecting the original cigarette flavour.

It also helps avoid unsightly tobacco stains on your fingertips. 

How the Friend Slender No. 330 works

A special adhesion chamber, known as a tar trap, is built into the Friend Mini permanent cigarette holder, which catches much the tar before it reaches the mouth piece.

The Friend Mini permanent cigarette holder can be used with almost any standard sized cigarettes.

The permanent filter will not need replacing like disposable ones; it just needs to be cleaned out after approximately 20 cigarettes.

What’s in the box?

This pack contains one mouth piece for the Friend Mini permanent cigarette holder, and one tar-trap chamber.